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Everything happening around me is very random. I am enjoying the phase, as the journey is far more important than the destination.

-Sushant Singh Rajput

My name is Skylar, I am eighteen years old, and this blog serves as an outlet for the inspiration and wisdom that I’m gathering as I move forward in my life. My teenage years have proven to be strange, random, and difficult to weather. I started college early just to escape high school’s traumas and move forward with my life, and I’m learning rapidly about the world and all of its possibilities.

My passions are holistic wellness, spirituality, mental health and the daily rituals that connect all of these things. Examples of what you’ll see on my blog are tips for night owls to start waking up earlier, ways to stay focused during a study session, or how to make new friends in the middle of a hidden emotional crisis (one of these is not like the other…). Even if this subject matter doesn’t appeal to just anyone, as long as my journey can inspire one other person to keep pushing through family issues and mental health woes, I’ll have accomplished what I set out to do.

In my first full semester of college (not counting the dual-credit classes I took during high school), I found it incredibly difficult to take care of myself. I often ate nothing but yogurt and a helping of chicken nuggets from Wendy’s in a day, and got five hours of sleep or less every night. Not to mention the trouble I had socially at my new school. It can be hard to connect with strangers while you’re going through family crises, having meltdowns every other night, and neglecting yourself–especially when you realize that you can’t share any of those things with the people around you. (As if they weren’t already judging me for being homeschooled and starting community college at age 17.)

For anyone else who might relate to the above paragraph, this blog is for you. I want you to know that you are not alone, you are not a freak, and even if you can’t quite get the help you need right now, there are ways for you to help yourself–and eventually, let others in to help you too. YOU are much stronger than you might think.


Skye ❤



P.S. I totally encourage comments on my posts, whether to share a personal story, ask a question, or offer an alternate perspective. Don’t be afraid to get involved! We’re going to build a community of people with similar experiences and similar goals to help each other forward. Feedback is always appreciated and encouraged. You are also welcome to email me via my contact page if you have any requests, questions, or comments.